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What is Schifra?

Schifra is a very robust, highly optimized and extremely configurable Reed-Solomon error correcting code library for both software and IP core based applications with implementations in C++ and VHDL. Schifra supports standard, shortened and punctured Reed-Solomon codes. It also has support for stacked product codes and interleaving.

Schifra provides a concise, predictable and deterministic interface which lends itself to easy and seamless integration into the development of complex data communication projects requiring Reed-Solomon error correcting code capabilities.

Which C++ compilers and VHDL tool chains are supported?

Where is the documentation for Schifra?

The Schifra Reed-Solomon error correcting code library documentation will only be made available to customers who have purchased a Schifra Commercial License. That said, the publicly available Schifra resources provide a great deal of information on how one could potentially use and integrate Schifra into a project. One must also remember that the Schifra APIs are very self explanatory, straight forward and easy to use.

Where can I obtain a Schifra Commercial License?

Issues regarding the Schifra Commercial License and costs and requirements related to obtaining a license should be forwarded to the license enquiry e-mail address found on the contact page.

Is there commercial support for Schifra?

The Schifra Commerical License provides 3 months user and library support which is intended to help users smoothly integrate the library and become familiar with its use. The license also provides 12 months prioritised general support.

Customization and product specific software development and consulting services relating to Schifra and its integration within a commercial product can also be purchased through the Schifra Commercial License.

What does Schifra mean?

Schifra (also spelt shifra)is a Hebrew word meaning 'Beautiful' Schifra Pronunciation